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None the Wiser

♥ the past can teach you - the students of the present can teach you better ♥

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Welcome to the None the Wiser LJ community! None the Wiser (originally published in August, 2005, by the Uke Reformation) is the angsty, gang-banged result of one of the world's strangest NaruSasuNaru relationships ever. With 17,000+ hits, None the Wiser's focus on the underlying emotional struggle involved in a student/teacher affair seems to be very attractive to some large amount of people - this community is thus created with the hope that those people can get together if and when they like.

(1) You must become a member in order to post.

(2) Please try to stay on topic. Off-topic posts are alright if they are labeled as such in the subject line (example: 'OFF TOPIC: Partee @ mi howse!'), but the majority of all posts should revolve around None the Wiser, or Naruto.

(3) Activity = LOVE. Lamb really appreciates members who can stay active. (The more activity the sommunity recieves, the more quickly chapters of NTW are likely to progress, based loosely on the fact that the author loves attention.)

(4) Lamb plans to - in the future - post links, or make LJ-cuts to new (if yet unfinished or unBETAd) chapters. If one wishes to have their comments replied to, they should post comments on these posts, rather than on MediaMiner or FF.net.

(5) Lamb will also post Kiriban on the community, and asks that all Kiriban requests be submitted to the Kiriban post, located here. (The link to the rules for Kiriban requesting is located in that post.)

(6) If you have any images or fiction that you want to share with the rest of the community, you should make sure to lj-cut it, and alert others to the fact that you are doing so. Please don't post images or large amounts of text without lj-cutting them as it makes it very hard for some users to download the page.


[info]tsuzukinoai / Lady Lamb

Anyone can be a member - just click the link at the top of the screen.

Regarding any member who wants to be moderator, I'd really like someone who could help me manage things once we get more members. I need someone willing to help me publicize (spread the word around), and hopefully a HTML god that can make the layout look...um...better.

Questions or comments? E-mail me at the_uke_reformation@yahoo.com.

Once we get more members, I'll make a contact list and put a link to it right here.

Community created January 1, 2006. Last updated May 20, 2006. None the Wiser is copyright the Uke Reformation. All rights reserved.