[None the Wiser] Chapter 11.

Hello, all~

Lady Lamb here with some not so very important news - after more than six months deliberation, and a whole bunch of stress, toil, writer's block, and tears WAY TOO MANY OF THOSE the newest chapter of None the Wiser has been released to the public as of late yesterday night. On MeMi it even has the nice and shiney "*NEW!*" button at the top which makes my insides sparkle.

Title: None the Wiser
Author: The Uke Reformation (otherwise known on LJ as tsuzukinoai)
Genre: Naruto
Subgenre: Romance/Angst
Summary: There are some things not meant to be said. There are some pasts that you cannot escape. Some people that will always hunt you down. And every once in a while, there are special students that reward you for all your teaching... [NaruSasuNaru. Yaoi.]
Rated: R when viewed on FF.net, for excessive language, graphic violence, and sexual and mature content. Rated NC-17 on MeMi for all those things and more.
Author's Note: [On the series] It came to me in a dream. ...no, seriously. And I swear it doesn't suck. But that's what they all say, right? [On the chapter] TOOK FOREVER I KNOW AND I AM SORRY BUT C'MON WHATERYUH GUNNA DO WHEN YOU'RE THE FUCKING QUEEN OF WRITER'S BLOCK. (For those keeping the score at home, the last update was in May of last year - that's ten months, folks, a resounding ten months for a twenty-five page long update.)
Warnings: Yaoi and some really scary shit that I'm not going to tell you about just yet. (It hasn't happened yet. Won't for a while - HELLO FLASHBACKS I MISSED YOU.)

Disclaimer: Copyright the Uke Reformation, 2007. All rights reserved bitches.

Chapter is logged HERE (FF.net) and HERE (MeMi). There is no difference in the provided context. Reviews are MY LIFE'S BLOOD appreciated.

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I have tried four times to post this, but it won't. So I am going to cut through what I said and condense it down.

Kisshu-san and I would like HardxCore-ness! ♥

:P Yea.

It was prettier when I first typed it.

Here's the line art. I don't have a mouse. So I had to use the Little LapTop thing. Don't kill me, please?

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Skirts are fun. xD

Hee. -smiles to self- I know something you don't know.

...apparently, being internet deprived makes me crazy. Yeah, I know, it startled me too. Anwyay, it shows up in my artwork, which is crazy. My whole sketchbook (which is brand new) is now filled with spasticness.

At any rate, I drew something for all of you. Don't kill me.

I have all four pieces of it below. The original sketch, the line art, the colored piece, and the crack that arose from said colored piece. I'm telling you, it's crazy. (Everything but the crackpiece is worksafe though, so you should be safe.)

-shot-Collapse )

I have my fun.

And to make up for it, I made 15 avatars. ...again, hope you don't mind.

I looooove my indragstripper!Sasuke. :DCollapse )

They'll show up this time. Promise.


I updated the commi! Yay! Go me! -is proud of self-

I just started doodling in a notebook, and then I thought 'hey, the commi needs a new background, why not use this?' It's better than that crap oekaki I did forever ago. -shudders- I haven't visited this place in months, I hate it so much...

I need another mod to help me out, but before I can do that I need more members. This place is so empty...it's pretty much just me talking to myself the whole time, and that's lonely.

Time to give myself an excuse to advertise! :D

Anyway, while working on it, I though my whole self into it and made (finally!) some NTW avatars to go along with everything. I'm really liking how they came out, too... There's twenty in all.

Avatars=LOVE. xDCollapse )

I went through my files, and it really hit me just how much I've gotten into this series. It really makes me happy. -cuddles muse-

Anybody can have these. (It'll make me happy if anyone actually wants them.) Give me credit if you can, ne...? (All the drawings you don't recognize are mine na no da...so yes.)

Aa...love to you guys. I'm happy now.
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Kiriban has been reached!

I now have 112 reviews (yay) and Kiriban has been surpassed (more yay). However, nobody's called it (ooh, not yay). To be dubbed as official Kiriban, one has to submit their request within the body of their review...which no one surpassing review number 111 has.

So, until someone does, the title is still up for grabs; probably a tie between the two main contenders, Jarimaru (who's been working hard for it) and thuyhy-thuyhy (who may or may not even know that this contest is in existance). Until one of them, or another person claims Kiriban, I can't award it to anyone. So here's what you do.

When you finish reading this, momentarily, enter a comment to this entry telling me who you are and stating that you're claiming Kiriban. The first person to do that will be the winner, and then I can do whatever they'd like me too, and then take a nap. Because I like naps, that's why.

Remember to follow the GUIDELINES:

1. All requests MUST have a general Naruto thematic - it may be the original series, a fan-fiction of your choice, or something from None the Wiser, but it MUST be Naruto and no other manga or anime series.

2. I'm not averse to writing or otherwise depicting porn [yaoi, yuri, or het], violence, or extremely odd pairings, but I would prefer that your story have some sort of plot. This isn't a rule exactly, but it'd be nice if people respected it anyway, even if they don't have to.

3. I am going to E-MAIL the links to this stuff to you when I'm done, so provide, in your entry one that you actually check every once in a while, or - at the very least - could get into if you wanted to.


* Art requests will be posted on my dA account without fail, unless the content you have requested is more adult.

* In the event that what you ask me to draw is more adult (and presumably yaoi-themed) I'll e-mail it to you, or post it on my y-gallery account.

* I don't really like drawing blood or dead people, just because I'm slightly hemophobic. That shouldn't stop you, but I think you should know.

* Go into detail with your request PLEASE: tell me who they are, where they are, what they're doing and when they're doing it. (Isn't that sentence just FULL of sexual innuendo...) I'll also want to know what quality you want it to be, whether you want it to be in my style or Kishimoto-sensei's (which I can mimic if you'd like - I'm pretty good at visual mimicry) and if you want it it in pen or color.

* You CAN request doujin. I'm totally down with that.


* Written requests will be posted here, MediaMiner, FF or AFF.net according to their content.

* All written requests must be one-shots or sidefics. Sorry...no series out of Kiriban.

* Go into detail with these requests, too, I beg of you!: tell me who, what, where, when, how and why (which are two elements that are missing from the art portion, unless you want a doujinshi) because otherwise the story is plotless (even PWP has to progress somehow, so it really does have a plot which makes no sense, does it?); if you want a song-fic say so, tell me which song from which band, and way it relates, how it makes the story flow; tell me how long you want it to be, too, and if you want it BETAd. (Maybe you'd like to BETA it yourself...?)

Please and thankyou - may I endow someone with the title Kiriban by the end of the day...! ;;;;
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Kiriban number is 111

And because of this I shall not be reviewing for a while. -cackles-

Anyhow, beautifully done, Lamb. It was a little choppy, but I liked that aspect of it. As you know, I did get confused, but that's to be expected considering who I am.

Naa, you must post a picture for us, or you will suffer the wrath of Jyarimaru's fan-art! Muwahahaha.
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New chapter!

Chapter 9 ("Channel Seven and Doomed Relationships") is now up on fanfiction.net...it'll soon be up on MediaMiner, once I stop being lazy. I'm kind of basking in the afterglow, I suppose, which is weird because I'm not particularly pleased with the way Chapter 9 came out. As Arcane-sama puts it (very lightly, thankyou so much for being kind to me...) the entire thing is "choppy". It's a mess, really. But she was very, very nice and didn't put it that way.

I pretty much spaced out, fell asleep with my eyes open and this story on the mind, crashed head-first into the keyboard, woke up and this is what resulted. It's not a disaster, but it could be written much better. I could also not act as if I'm on pot in the author's notes...that would be good too.

At any rate, it's done, which is pretty much what I was aiming for. The next chapter is what's going to kill me. I have to be super uber careful with how much I push out into the air just yet, how fast I pace it. It's threatening to bolt out into the open and I'm not sure if that should happen. I mean, I've got to have it all set up correctly, and the mood has to be right...

You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? ...pretend you do, it'll make me feel good about myself. I'm pretty much being a retard, which no one needs to tell me, because I'm usually aware of stuff like that.

Kiriban number is 111 because I love dividends of eleven (I really do - don't ask) and it'll probably be posted here. I plan to post the chapter here too, for whatever reason, but I really am far too lazy right now...I'm feeling too Shikamaru-ish and thoughtful. My back hurts, but it's not giving me the problem it has been...atleast not so much.

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I'm working on the playlist almost feverishly now, as a way of maintaining inspiration just long enough to drag me to the finish. This chapter is proving really difficult and I don't know why...I just feel oddly distracted, for whatever reason. The fact that I'm watching a bunch of Gravitation fan subs off of youtube whenever I get the oppuritunity is bad too...

My mom was listening to them from the other room and asked me if it was a Japanese novella. That made me laugh, and so now I adress it as such.

ME: "Naa, kaasan, noberra wa miruni itte kimasu yo."
MOM: "Speak english."


You've got to admit, if you aren't into it it does sound really corny, music-wise. Not that I really care. Gravitation is the uber bestest, even if I've read to the tenth graphic novel and stuff. It's fun to watch, anyway. Inspirational.

Anyway, here's what I've got of the playlist now. Alot of it is just stuff that Yohko sings, but that's okay...I like the stuff I decide she should sing. (I'm really weird when it comes to my own writing, naa...? ;;)

(What I Had.)

[Lazlo Bane] I'm No Superman
[Ani Difranco] Studying Stones
[Coldplay] Talk
[System of a Down] Lonely Day
[Eels] I Need Some Sleep
[Something Corporate] Space
[Bad Religion] Infected

(New Additions.)

[Fallout Boy] Dance, Dance
[Flipside] Someday
[Three Days Grace] I Hate Everything About You
[Lindsay Lohan] Rumors
[Saliva] Always
[Michelle Branch] You Set Me Free
[The Faint] Worked Up So Sexual

Naa...I've gotta have the world's weirdest taste in music. There's way too much variety to my diet. It makes everything really random. -blinks-

I guess I've got to focus more on what I'm looking for, exactly. I've better identified it, thanks to what I've picked up of late...characterizations, and situations I can see happening in the future. Nothing too sad, nothing too off topic or out of character. Everything has to be taken in adequate results...

...I'm being weird again, aren't I? Gomen naaaa...heh. I just finished up with the fiction Arcane-sama was helping beta...Self-Reliance. Oh, it's just wonderful. It makes me so happy.


I'm such a lazy ass... ^^;;;;
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