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Skirts are fun. xD

Hee. -smiles to self- I know something you don't know.

...apparently, being internet deprived makes me crazy. Yeah, I know, it startled me too. Anwyay, it shows up in my artwork, which is crazy. My whole sketchbook (which is brand new) is now filled with spasticness.

At any rate, I drew something for all of you. Don't kill me.

I have all four pieces of it below. The original sketch, the line art, the colored piece, and the crack that arose from said colored piece. I'm telling you, it's crazy. (Everything but the crackpiece is worksafe though, so you should be safe.)

The sketch. It came out better than the scanner makes it look. Sasuke never smiles, I know, but still. I felt like it so fuck you.

The line art. If anyone wants to use this (HA) here it is.

The colored piece. Waaaaa, I like how this came out. Thankyou computerrrrr. -pets- You're so good to me sometimes. (The fabric looks the nicest out of everything, I think...)

The crack. It doesn't happen often but c'mon, how often do I put Sasuke in a mini-skirt? You can't put Sasuke in a mini-skirt and not crack out sometime along the way. The whole effing thing is a crack out. xD

I have my fun.

And to make up for it, I made 15 avatars. ...again, hope you don't mind.

They'll show up this time. Promise.
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